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Cleaning And Maintenance Of Office Chairs
- Feb 19, 2018 -

1, do a good job of maintenance. Leather office chair to buy home, first with the maintenance of wax office chair on a layer of protective film, in order to avoid dust and sweat into the pores on the office chair, it was hard to clean, do not use water to scrub leather office chair, a long time will make the hardened cortex, loss of soft feel.

2, the stains should be cleaned in time. Monthly maintenance office chair will wax cleaning and maintenance time, summer time, because people sweat more, should be serviced once per week, must not be dirty again after cleaning the office chair, it would be difficult to clean it, moreover, many cleaners on the cortex are hurt, then the cleaning is difficult to see, for a long time is the problem, the real leather office chair, the leather is very valuable, as the same as human skin, need to maintain, only the good maintenance, your leather office chair can be a long time as new, to bring you the enjoyment of life, do not use cleaning the cleanliness of the Office chair, one leg will cortex color; two is the cortex will harden.

The next time you go to work, remember to clean up your work chair.