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On The Influence Of Technology On The Design Of Modern Office Chairs
- Feb 19, 2018 -

In terms of technology, it was also in the middle of the twentieth Century that many new processing technologies were emerging. There are mainly the bending and hot pressing technology of the new type of adhesive materials in 1940s, and the "flexural wood technology" with international breakthrough.

The emergence of new materials and new technologies has brought unprecedented impact on the design of modern office chairs, which are mainly influenced by the following three aspects.

First, in terms of visual form, studies show that humans perceive the world mainly through vision, tactile and auditory organs. The former two are more important. More than 75% of the information is mainly acquired through vision. Material is the visual form of the office chair through important visual elements - color and texture. If the color is light orange Phoebe slightly gray texture, elegant quiet, soft texture of stone; stainless steel silver white metallic luster, naturally; synthetic material is rich in color, smooth surface. The office chair of the wood material gives a mild and solid visual sense, and the metal material such as stainless steel gives a mechanical and cold visual sense. And human synthetic materials, the performance is diverse, light, smooth and good, giving people a kind of light and colorful visual effect. Materials of different colors and texture

Combined applications are more possible for modern office chairs to design the performance of different visual forms. Of course, the visual form of the office chair is more important, in the form of modeling, after all, the office chair is a three-dimensional physical body. Wood material is not easy to bend the characteristics, which determines the wood office chair in the shape to give people a straight, stable feeling. From a certain point of view, the design of office chair is the form design. Different materials have different characteristics. For different characteristics, all kinds of materials have their corresponding molding technology. The shape of office chairs depends largely on these molding technologies. Because of these technology support, modern office chair design structure is more and more concise, and visually has gained a new unity and mobility. In other words, the molding technology affects and determines the visual form of the office chair. The most notable is the "flexible wood technology" with international breakthroughs, which was invented and used by the master of Finland design in 1930s. Using the principles of architecture, the birch wood is ingeniously pressed into a smooth curve. The overall bending wood as office chair bracket, office chair on the whole seems to be a freely flowing style of writing like entity is imaginative and revolutionary, it completely changed the traditional linear three-dimensional wooden chair.

In a word, material and technology are the two elements of furniture designers to achieve design performance characteristics, a variety of material and technology to emerge in an endless stream furniture designers have more choices for design forms, therefore the modern office chair appeared in visual form in different poses and with different expressions. New structures and new technologies have led to new forms, and they have a great impact on the visual form of modern office chair design.

Secondly, in the design style, in a sense, the history of industrial design is synchronized with the history of the invention of modern materials;

The evolution of style is closely related to the material of different characteristics, and it is influenced by materials and technology in varying degrees. In other words, materials and technology are the most important factors that influence the design style of modern office chairs. Technology is the dominant factor, which has a fundamental impact on the design style of modern office chairs. Technology is mainly from the shape, structure, decoration and other aspects of modern office chair design style. In the form of modeling, some designers prefer the shape of the office chair with straight lines, simple and regular. With the bending technology of different materials, the design of modern office chair styling trends and smooth lines, make smooth in detail; in terms of structure, metal performance especially, metal bending forming technology has changed the way of traditional wood structure, and can realize any structure; decoration, some metal, ivory and other rare materials) the appearance of the mosaic technology, to provide services for the design of modern office chair luxurious style.

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